Foto bodega subterranea

Ancient lagares (wine presses) used to press the grapes and large casks where wine was racked, were left behind. Also, those underground cellars with the shape of a maze that looked for a homogeneous storage temperature became obsolete. Fortunately, the time has not rubbed these traces from the past and at present, they belong to the heritage of the Alvides Winery.

But our history starts with two small vineyards and a humble couple of farmers from Villalba de Duero. Specifically, with the plots ‘La Virgen’ and ‘Mirabueno’, having each one no more than half a hectare, inherited in the 60s by Eutimio Casado and Isabel Hernando, first generation of the winery. The aim always was that the effort resulted in expanding those plots.

Foto tractor antiguo b/n

In the next decades, the germ of the winery was taking root thanks to the gradual planting of vineyards and the viticultural vocation of Ildefonso Casado and Delfín Casado, our second generation.

The idea of making our own wine, where we could reflect all the hard work that this family had been doing in the vineyards, is not a coincidence. Even so, it should be pointed out that there were some decisive factors, like the presidency of Ildefonso in the Cooperative Virgen de las Viñas and the exceptional friendship with the prestigious oenologist Emmanuel Ivars, which accelerated the events.

Thus, in 2001 Casado Alvides was born, with the vocation to begin and progress in the amazing world of vine and wine; being aware of the importance of the berry and the care of the vineyards according to traditional methods, as well as carrying out low productions to guarantee the quality in our wines.