Family-owned wines in the heart of La Ribera


Mixture of ideas thanks to two oenologists involved in the ageing process


Grape selection by hand in the vineyards and the winery

Casado Alvides Winery is located in the village of Villalba de Duero, on the right bank of the Duero River and within the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero.

All the facilities are aimed at a small scale production, in which the quality and authenticity of our wines are the priority.

All the grapes used in Alvides in the winemaking process belong to our own vineyards. That guarantees high standards of quality and the monitoring of the vineyard throughout the whole year, where we carry out the jobs in a traditional way. Harvest is done by hand and the grapes are thoroughly sorted at their arrival in the winery.

The ageing facility is mainly equipped with French oak barrels from Bordeaux, which assure full-bodied wines and balanced nuances between the oak and the grape variety.

We make wine in a traditional style without losing track of the new technologies, which help us monitor and manipulate all our range of wines. Moreover, we count on the contribution of two oenologists involved in the ageing of the wine: Emanuel Ivars and Héctor Casado, who provide experience, authenticity and cutting edge techniques.

The wine we produce is the image of our values, which the Casado family has been transmitting generation after generation.

With a maximum capacity of 150,000 litres, we are aimed at markets and clients demanding quality and exclusivity in the wines.

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