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Ribera del Duero - Denominación de Origen Alvides
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About Us, Where we are, From whence we came….
  Conscious of the vital importance of the grape to the wine, we look after our vineyard
following traditional Ribera working customs..

Ribera del Duero con boast of a relationship of more than 2000 years with the grape and wine: witness the mosaics of the Roman Villa in Baños de Valdearados which are dedicated to the God Bacchus. Many other villas with illustrations depicting typical Roman agriculture exist in Ribera in country estates where the grape was the most important crop due to the suitability of our soil and climate, and our area of Villalba de Duero is no exception as it incorporates the Roman word “villa”:… other evidence is found in terms such as “to pay the Quintanilla”.

The vine acquired great importance in the repopulation of this area of the Duero valley from the Moors by the Spanish in the 11th Century. The principal instigators were the Cistercian and Cluniac monks who brought Burgundy and Bordeaux varieties to our region, planting their vineyards under divine protection in the Monastery of Our Lady of the Vine, the most important monastery in the Burgos area or the Ribera.

This historical link between the Ribera and the vine is present everywhere with its special features of wine presses to produce the wine and underground cellars for its conservation in and around the city centres. In our area there are 30 wine presses and many more cellars developed through the centuries in the hill of San Pedro.

The township of Villalba de Duero is situated on the right bank or the River Duero with its typical characteristics of a wood parallel to the river, a flat, fertile, irrigated plain where cereal is cultivated and the gentle slopes where cereals alternate with vineyards surrounded by large pine and oak forests..

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